Designated Truck Route Program

About the program

As Castle Rock grows, we realize the need to establish a comprehensive truck route program throughout the community. Through an ordinance approved by Town Council, the Town has created its first truck route program to help reduce cut-through freight traffic in residential areas. The program identifies and marks designated routes for commercial drivers to follow when in our community and establishes a fine structure and exclusions.

We are dedicated to collaborating with truck drivers, businesses and the public to establish this program that will be enforced by the Castle Rock Police Department.

The Town's truck route program will help extend the life of Town roads. The truck routes will ensure that commercial freight traffic will stay on roadways that can best accommodate its weight.


Although the comprehensive truck route program began in October 2022, the routes were not official until all signage was installed along the roadside in late April 2023. 

All commercial freight traffic will now need to traverse along the Town's designated truck routes to make their deliveries. The Town’s designated truck route program applies to freight and cut-through traffic only. Trucks with destinations away from the routes will be able to deviate from the approved routes to complete deliveries. Overall, this ordinance is expected to lessen the trucks on residential roadways, but will not completely remove them.

Designated truck route

View the PDF version of the Town's designated truck route (PDF).

View the haul route authorization form (PDF) for contractors. The authorization form includes haul route requirements that approved contractors must follow, along with the Town's enforcement measures.

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Castle Rock delivers!

  1. Safety: Improve the safety of truck travel through and within the Town
  2. Efficiency: Improve the efficiency of freight movement to, from and within the Town
  3. Sustainability: Foster the sustainable and responsible movement of goods
  4. Partnerships and Knowledge: Expand partnerships within the public and private sectors to increase awareness and understanding of freight activity