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1. Is Kum & Go building a gas station off Crystal Valley Parkway? I heard a gas station there was previously denied, is that true? Where can I find recordings of the neighborhood meetings?
2. What’s going on with the property near the Enderud Boulevard roundabout on Ridge Road?
3. What is the plan for King Soopers on Ridge Road? The store currently can barely sustain the community now. Wedging apartment complexes and new homes in already developed
4. What is going on or planned for the city land at Valley and Columbine where the old city maintenance building was?
5. I’ve seen on social media that the Dawson Ridge area has been sold for development. What’s happening there?
6. What about the land east of Lantern Circle and South of Mitchell? There is a large piece of land off of Lost Canyon Ranch Road that I heard the owner is trying to sell for development, is there an
7. What is the status of the area adjacent to the Memmen Ridge Open Space?
8. Are there plans to develop the east side of I-25, near Castle Rock Parkway?
9. Is the land at the end if paved road on Ridge Rd next to the Tree Farm going to be developed soon for houses?
10. Is the open space at Mickelson & Lantern north of Matney Park going to be developed anytime soon?