Recreation Center Slide Tower Repair Project

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The waterslides in the Leisure Pool area at the Castle Rock Recreation Center have been closed since March 2022 due to concerns regarding the safety of the stair structure. On Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023, Town Council authorized the expenditure of up to $2.7 million to address the issues so patrons can use the slides as early as next spring. 

Work will be completed by Saunders Construction, who built the Recreation Center addition containing the Leisure Pool, which opened in 2006. The repair project will consist of: 

  • Demolishing the current staircase used to access the slides
  • Demolishing the pump pit ceiling and the building enclosure area surrounding the stair structure 
  • Constructing a new enclosure featuring galvanized steel railings and stairs, fiberglass treads and landing decks
  • Applying various sealants, coating and insulation to ensure future moisture protection
  • Installing a new make up air unit, destratification fan and improved lighting

Recreation user revenues will be the primary source used to fund the repairs. Work commenced in fall 2023 and is scheduled to be completed by spring 2024.