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Special Event Application

  1. Thank you for your interest in hosting an event in the Town of Castle Rock! We are proud to host and celebrate hundreds of events each year, from community-based music festivals, parades, races to national touring acts. Your Special Events Application starts here with your Intent to Host an event. This will be reviewed by the Town's Special Event Committee, which includes representatives from the Town Manager's Office, Castle Rock Police Department, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, the Town Clerk's Office, Community Relations, and Finance. The committee is the single point of contact for all event organizers who wish to use public facilities, roadways, parks, trails, or any other public locations for their event. A permit is required for any organized event, assembly, commercial activity, or film shoot that will take place on Town property and/OR on private property and will impact public resources (i.e. police, streets, neighborhoods). The committee meets weekly and assists event organizers throughout the process. The success of your event relies upon you providing us with complete and detailed information. The primary role of the committee is to ensure the safety of you and your attendees and to guide you through the permitting process.
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  3. To qualify as an applicant for alcohol sales on public property a qualifying 501c3 must apply for the Special Event Liquor Permit.
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  6. Your application is not complete without a Site Map. Google Map images of our venues are available for you at Indicate where your vendors/sponsors will be placed, registration area, stage location, portable restrooms, food trucks, alcohol barriers, trash receptacles, etc. Hand drawn maps are perfectly acceptable.
  7. Please provide your intended route identifying the location of the entire route, distance, start/finish points, fencing, trail/road crossings, location of aid stations, and volunteers.
  8. Please send insurance certificates, 501c3 documentation, promotional materials, and other pertinent information for the event.
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  10. Special Event Application Submission
    Thank you for applying for a Special Event Permit. Applications are accepted October -December each calendar year to best ensure availability of venues and proper scheduling of staff. Applicants that apply after the deadline will be accepted on a case by case basis and subject to availability of venues and resources.
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