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Town Boards and Commissions Application

  1. Please indicate which Boards or Commissions you are applying for.*

    You may apply for up to THREE, but may only be appointed to serve ONE:

  2. Are you a registered voter in Douglas County?*
  3. In which Town district do you reside?

    If unsure, you can search by your address at

  4. Are you currently now serving on a Town Board or Commission?*
  5. Have you previously served on a Town Board or Commission?*
  6. How did you learn of the Boards & Commission volunteer positions?
  7. Boards and Commission applicants are considered for appointment regardless of race, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability. Please check each statement to affirm:
  8. I understand the duties and requirements for this position. I understand that attendance at Board & Commission meetings is crucial to the success of the organization and I am aware of the meeting schedule and absence policy.*
  9. I understand that if I become an employee of the Town, appointed to another board or commission, or elected to Town Council, then I would be required to resign my appointment.*
  10. I understand that I am held accountable to the Town's Code of Conduct, and will be required to take an Oath of Office as an appointee to a Board or Commission.*
  11. I understand that the Colorado Public Records Law may require information within this application to be accessible to the public, except when specifically made confidential by statute.*
  12. By submitting this form, I confirm all information and statements on this application are accurate and truthful, and I authorize the Town of Castle Rock and its staff to verify this information .*
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