C&C’s return of grant money.

Discuss real solutions to slowly open the economy in a way that doesn’t fuel a second spike, getting businesses and citizens to work together to make as many people feel safe to shop and spend as possible, and a flexible plan to expand and contract commerce when/if there’s a COVID resurgence in 20/21?

The Town has allocated over $265,000 in grants and loans to assist small businesses in Castle Rock recognizing this economic harm coming from the pandemic. There were no stipulations on how the grant money was to be used, and the funds were awarded without any further conditions.

The Town continues to encourage everyone to follow the public health orders as it advocates for changes that safely open up businesses as soon as possible. The Town is working with the Castle Rock Chamber, the Downtown Business Alliance and the Castle Rock Economic Development Council to identify opportunities to help businesses open. For instance, the Town is allowing restaurants, bars and similar businesses to apply to temporarily expand their outdoor seating areas to serve additional customers while maintaining social distancing requirements. If a contraction is needed due to a COVID resurgence, we’re better prepared as a result of the measures we’ve already taken and what we’ve learned along the way.

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1. Will you be following Douglas County’s variance for getting businesses opened or will you write and submit your own?
2. Is Castle Rock at the mercy of the governor’s lockdown edicts, or are there any substantive areas where Castle Rock has self-determination authority?
3. How will the Town help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
4. C&C’s return of grant money.