Why was I selected?

A random selection of households, and all registered businesses, in Castle Rock have been selected to participate in this survey. Northwest Research Group pulled a list of addresses from a third-party vendor and used consumer databases to append information such as email address, physical address, phone number, etc. No personal information is shared with the Town in any way, and your responses will be kept completely confidential.

Northwest Research Group has strict data confidentiality and security standards. The CASRO Code of Ethics states:

Since individuals who are interviewed are the lifeblood of the survey research industry, it is essential that survey research organizations be responsible for protecting from disclosure to third parties--- including clients and members of the public -- the identity of individual respondents, as well as respondent-identifiable information, unless the respondent expressly requests or permits such disclosure.

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1. What is the purpose of this research?
2. Why was I selected?
3. Can more than one person in my household participate?
4. Who is Northwest Research Group?
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