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Philip S. Miller Park - Trails and Challenge Hill


Philip S. Miller Park Trails Map (PDF)

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  1. 200 Step Challenge Hill
  2. Biking allowed
  3. Difficult Trail
  4. Hiking
  5. Miller Activity Complex- (MAC)
  6. Moderate Trail
  7. Native Surface Trail
  8. Parking Capacity- 280
  9. Permanent Restrooms
  10. Portable Restroom
  11. Single Track Trail
  12. Trails (Native Surface)
  13. Trails (Paved)
  14. Water Fountain
  15. Zip Line Tours (10 lines)

The Challenge Hill is currently open for one-way use.

General Information

8.6 miles
Open Space acreage: 300 acres
Difficulty: Moderate
Challenge Hill Difficulty: Difficult 
Surface: Native surface, single track ; concrete and timber steps
Parking: This trail system is accessible via the parking lot for Philip S. Miller Park 
Events:  For weather conditions and a complete list of special event closure information, please visit our trail conditions page.  


The 7.4 mile native-surface trail network consists of single-track trails divided into four different, but interconnected, loops with 1.2 miles of paved accessible segments in the active park area near the Miller Activity Complex, the MAC.  The trails explore all the valleys, knolls and high points of this 300-acre site.  A unique feature on the site is the Challenge Hill, with 200 timber steps that climb 178 feet in elevation, similar to the Manitou Springs Incline. Bikes are not recommended on the Challenge Hill.

Wolfensberger Pedestrian Bridge

To provide better connectivity to Philip S. Miller Park and its trail system, the Town constructed a 155 foot pedestrian bridge over Wolfensberger Road, linking Philip S. Miller Park with both Ridgeline Open Space and the Meadows community. The connection creates a continuous 17- mile trail loop on a connected 650 acres of park and open space property. The bridge provides an important link on a future major trail loop through Town, providing opportunities for special events and enhancing the experience of trail users as well as safety concerns of crossing a major roadway. Also included with the bridge construction was the layout and construction of connection trails at both Philip S. Miller Park and Ridgeline Open Space. Park staff designed and built 1,300 linear feet of soft-surface trail to complete the link and open the crossing to the public.


Horses and ATV's are not allowed on the trails.
Dogs are not allowed on the Challenge Hill.
Bikes are not recommended on the Challenge Hill.

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