What are Castle Rock’s taxes?

The Town of Castle Rock collects very little in property taxes. For example, a $450,000 home brings the Town approximately $38 for the year in 2021. However, property taxes are collected by other government entities such as Douglas County, the Douglas County Library District and Douglas County School District. If your home is located in a metro district – not all are – you’ll pay an additional tax that varies from district to district. Some developments use metro districts to pay for roads, water lines, sewer lines and other development infrastructure. To determine what your property and metro district taxes may be, call the Douglas County Assessor's Office, 303-660-7450. Town services primarily are paid for by municipal sales tax, which is 3.9 percent of the 7.9 percent paid in local sales tax. Therefore, the Town encourages residents to ensure quality services by shopping locally.

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