Is our water bill among the highest in the nation?

No, but our rates are a result of the local challenges related to water supply in our semi-arid region. Like most South Metro communities, Castle Rock is transitioning from a deep groundwater, nonrenewable supply to a renewable supply which comes from snow and rain. This will ensure a sustainable water source for the future. Castle Rock Water rates are mid-range compared to Front Range providers. See how one study compares water and sewer rates nationally. Keep in mind that comparing water bills is not easy, as every water provider is different. For instance, one reason a water bill from Denver Water is less than Castle Rock Water is that it is for drinking water service only. Separate bills (or property taxes imposed) are required for wastewater and stormwater in some other communities while, in Castle Rock, it is all on one bill. Castle Rock Water rates and fees are analyzed and adjusted annually, and this plan is reviewed by a resident-driven, open-meeting Water Commission.

Updated Jan. 29, 2021

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1. Can we have a rain barrel on our property to collect rain water and/or sump pump discharge water? I thought rain barrels were legal in Colorado but have heard conflicting opinions locally.
2. Will pharmaceuticals (birth control, hormones, etc.) and other chemicals and organic material (such as blood) be extracted from our drinking water with advanced treatment?
3. Will the cost of our water go down with the implementation of water reuse, or should we expect costs to remain steady?
4. Why are we being forced to drink recycled water starting in 2020? Did I miss a Town vote on this? I do not want to drink recycled water. I'd rather slow Town growth than drink recycled water.
5. What is the source of the water in Sellars Gulch? It flows year-round through Festival Park but seems to disappear just a few miles upstream.
6. Why is Castle Rock Water asking residents, HOAs, and commercial customers to conserve more water?
7. Is our water bill among the highest in the nation?
8. Why aren’t developers required to desert-scape in Castle Rock?
9. Does the Town have a surplus of water it sells to other communities?