What percentage of Castle Rock land is dedicated/protected open space? Is there a map showing these locations?

Overall, 28 percent of Castle Rock is currently dedicated to parks and open space – either public or private. Town planners estimate that more than a third of Castle Rock’s total area will be dedicated to open space when the Town is fully built out. (View our map, which shows both current and planned parks and open space.)

Remember, what looks like open space may not be defined as open space. Some areas of Town may look like open space because there is nothing built there. In fact, many of these “open” areas of land were entitled for development in previous years – some back to the 1980s. Along with market demand, these developers are following through on the use of those entitlements.  

Castle Rock is 34.31 square miles (or 21,958 acres). Here is a breakdown of parks and open space within Town:

  • Town-owned open space: 2,934 acres
  • HOA or Metro District open space: 1,768 acres
  • Douglas County open space: 1,235 acres within Town limits
  • Town-managed parks: 619 acres
  • Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course: 195 acres
  • Castle Rock Recreation Center and pools: 14 acres
  • Private parks: 33 acres
  • Private recreation facilities: 60 acres
  • Douglas County parks within Town limits: 57 acres
  • Planned Town-owned parks: 237 acres

Between 2019 and 2020 the Town added:

  • 18 acres of open space
  • 1 HOA park
  • 1 HOA rec/pool site
  • 6 miles of paved trail
  • 4 miles of unpaved trails

Learn about the Town’s parks and open space at CRgov.com/Parks.

(Updated Feb. 1)

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