Why do you send a fire truck/engine when someone calls for an ambulance?

The Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department has fire stations strategically placed geographically throughout the Town. To meet current demands, each station hosts one fire truck or engine and three of our stations have an ambulance. Each fire truck/engine and each ambulance have at least one paramedic, and the rest are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). By having paramedics on each apparatus, this allows us to get a paramedic to you as quickly as possible, no matter who arrives first. Also, some calls require more assistance than others, which is why we send both a fire truck/engine with an ambulance. If there is only a need for an ambulance after the scene has been assessed, the fire truck/engine will go back into service and can then immediately respond to calls again.

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6. Why do you send a fire truck/engine when someone calls for an ambulance?
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