Is it true that The Rock church is considering building low-income housing in The Meadows?

The Town on Nov. 2, 2023, received a preapplication meeting request seeking information on requirements to amend the Church of the Rock’s development plan to allow for additional uses. The proposal from the church, at 4881 Cherokee Drive, includes uses such as a new community worship center with related services; housing options that include guest suites for short-term stays, assisted living, attainable housing for seniors, disabled and/or workforce housing; family wellness center and workspace; and community services, food storage, gardens, maintenance, recreation and parking. This meeting request is not a formal request for the Town’s consideration of these uses. 

The church's current zoning does not allow housing. If the church wants to pursue changes to its zoning, it needs to submit a formal application to the Town. Before submitting an application, they would have to hold a public neighborhood meeting. At least three public neighborhood meetings would be required as part of the process. Properties within 500 feet of the church’s land would receive mailed notices from the church, along with additional notice requirements.

Criteria in Town law guide how staff looks at land use applications. If staff receives an application, the review process would take six to nine months or longer. Staff would evaluate if the proposal complies with the Town's Comprehensive Master Plan and if it's compatible with adjoining properties, along with reviewing it for any other associated issues. Ultimately, the proposal would go to a public hearing at the Planning Commission, which would provide a recommendation to Town Council.

Town Council consideration requires one formal public hearing. If Council adopts an ordinance on first reading at that public hearing, a second reading is required for final approval. Town Council and Planning Commission consideration occurs in a quasi-judicial fashion, meaning they have to apply Town law to the facts presented at the public hearing and make a determination whether the application meets Code requirements and, therefore, is approved or denied.

Updated Nov. 3, 2023

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