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The Drought is Over

All of Colorado is officially out of a drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. That doesn’t mean we should waste water. Sustainability is the key to a strong water future and developing conservation practices now will make changes less disruptive when the drought comes back (and it will.) Castle Rock Water is currently using  more of this readily available renewable water and conserving our groundwater source. With all of this snow melt and summer storms, our landscapes are getting the water they need, naturally. Even though irrigation schedules say to water every third day, Mother Nature is currently supplying most of the irrigation needed for yards. If irrigation is creating pooling and sogginess or is flowing over the sidewalk, plants and lawns are getting too much water. Overwatering actually kills more plants than lack of water!  

Get inspired at the Castle Rock Parade of Gardens

See how local residents are creating relaxing ColoradoScapes, bringing more visual interest and useful spaces into their landscapes, while using less water. Join us for the free Castle Rock Parade of Gardens, June 15. 

River bed landscape
Succulent lined path

The Beginner's Guide to ColoradoScape in Castle Rock

We live in the arid, high desert climate of beautiful Colorado and inserting high-water use landscapes into our yards just doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a lush garden. ColoradoScapes are landscapes that bring in lots of color, plant variety and texture to the garden that are conducive to our natural surroundings. Let Kentucky keep its Bluegrass and bring me Columbines, Lupines and Rockcress. A low-water yard does not have to sacrifice greenery. You can get a water-wise garden in three easy steps.

  • First survey your yard. Look for areas that get more sun, are on slopes or hard to water. Remove turf and place hardier plants here.
  • Next, and the most important step, improve your soil in planting areas. Mix compost 6 inches down into that Castle Rock clay to promote deep root growth.
  • Finally, adjust your irrigation. Sprinklers can lose a lot of water to evaporation, so retrofit landscape beds to drip and spray emitters.

If you want a bit more information, visit with the 7 Steps to Xeriscaping, a Plant Finder with more than 275 plants that do well in Castle Rock, and tips on how to make the most of your irrigation

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