Purified Reuse Water

It's an exciting step in Castle Rock Water's long-term water plan. Purified reuse water is making it's way to Castle Rock. This new water source is economical, environmentally friendly, and helps secure a strong water future for Castle Rock. It’s huge in the water industry, but customers won’t notice a difference in water quality or service! 
Join us for an open house to learn about purified reuse water and take a tour of the treatment plant currently under expansion. Though there is no purified reuse water to drink yet, we will have wine to taste made from re-purified water! Also, there will be children's activities, along with refreshments and give-aways.

Reuse Water Open House
Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  
Plum Creek Water Purification Facility
1929 Liggett Road
(additional parking/shuttle at Castle Rock Water, 175 Kellogg Court)

Learn more about purified reuse water

What is reuse water?

Purified reuse water involves producing safe drinking water from wastewater. After water is used in our homes and businesses, it goes down the drain and is sent to the wastewater treatment plant. There, contaminants are removed and the water is released into East Plum Creek. Instead of allowing this water to flow to downstream communities, this water will soon be recaptured from the creek, and sent to Plum Creek Water Purification Facility There, it will undergo traditional and advanced treatment processes. Once those treatment processes are complete, this purified drinking water will be distributed to homes and businesses throughout Castle Rock.

Why reuse water?

Reusing water is one of the most cost-effective, environmentally sound and sustainable methods of water supply. Castle Rock is diversifying its sources to ensure a strong water future. We currently get water from underground aquifers and our local East Plum Creek. Purified reuse water will allow these sources to recharge. We also import water, and while it is a great supply, this is expensive. For Castle Rock, the cost for purified reuse water is considerably less than many other sources. Purified reuse water will make up about one-third of all water supply for the Town beginning in 2020.

How safe is purified reuse water?

All drinking water that is distributed to homes must meet strict local, state and federal regulations for drinking water standards. With purified reuse water becoming more common, additional scientifically-proven treatment processes, like advanced treatment, are put in place.

Advanced treatment addresses contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products that can get into local creeks and rivers. In fact, advanced treatment will make the community's drinking water more pure than current standards. Purified reuse water and all drinking water is tested daily to ensure it is safe to drink. Customers can take a tour of the treatment facility and also view Castle Rock Water's water quality test results online.

Learn more at CRgov.com/waterquality.

Who else is reusing water?

Water reuse purification facilities are popping up all over the world, and some communities have used purified reuse water for more than four decades. Locally, Aurora began using purified reuse water in 2010 with the installation of the Prairie Water project which supplies 50 million gallons of purified reuse water per day to Aurora and surrounding communities. (Some of our WISE water is from Prairie Waters.)  It is estimated that by 2065 almost 30 percent of water consumed in all South Metro communities will be from purified reuse water.

Learn more at CRgov.com/reuse.

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