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Pouring a glass of tap water

Is bottled water really better?

It's a question many people have asked themselves. But, in actuality, tap water is arguably better on all fronts.

  • Tap water has stringent regulations and is tested daily for safety with published reports, while bottled water isn’t.
  • Tap water is regularly preferred in taste tests - try your own taste test!
  • Tap water is considerably less expensive. If you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, the annual cost for bottled water is around $1,400, while tap water comes in around just $0.49.
  • Bottled water has a lot more waste - not only are bottles not typically recycled, it takes two times as much water just to make that plastic container.
While bottled water is convenient, having a reusable water bottle, filled at the tap, will reduce waste, and still provide that portable convenience! Cheers!

Usage graph

Do you know what a water budget is?

Water budgets, and the tiered rate structure in Castle Rock, are designed to manage water waste. Your water budget is an allocated amount of water set at specific rates. These variable rates increase per 1,000 gallons to encourage conservation. Water budgets have been proven nationally to be an effective conservation measure and Castle Rock has had these budgets for more than a decade.

So how does this budget work?
Tier 1 is your average winter monthly consumption (AWMC) and is your typical indoor usage based on your previous winters’ indoor water consumption. It is unique to your household. And, because changes may occur in your household, your AWMC and water budget are reset each April.

Tier 2 is outdoor usage and is determined from your irrigated yard size. During the winter, Tier 2 is eliminated and not in effect. Those mindful about conservation should stay under the individualized water budget on your bill.

What happens if you go over your budget?
Anything in excess of your budgeted indoor or outdoor usage is charged at the Tier 3 rates. If your bill has a Tier 3 charge, you are using more water than you should. The rates for each tier are progressively more per 1,000 gallons. If a customer uses more than 40,000 gallons per month, this is considered excessive use and a surcharge is added to these rates.  
Town Council approved a less than three percent increase to Tier 2 and Tier 3 rates, effective January 2019. These variable rates  and fixed charges pay for your water service, as well as the $638 million worth of infrastructure and water resources needed to maintain your water service.  

Environmental Leadership Program Gold award plaque

Conserving more than water

Saving more than 46 million gallons of water last year is a great feather in the Town’s cap. Our regulatory body, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has taken notice. Castle Rock Water has earned the Gold level of the Environmental Leadership Program for voluntarily going beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and committing to continued environmental improvement.

In addition to water conservation, the water department has reduced electricity usage, which is one of the largest cost center for water. Instead of pumping water from 2,000 feet below the surface, we are using more renewable surface water.

Castle Rock Water also takes sustainability to the office by recycling obsolete parts,  cardboard and office paper. With the help of our community, we have also prevented 46 tons of litter from entering our watershed with the hazardous waste collection and river clean up events. Take a look at our environmental stewardship to see how you have helped Castle Rock Water get the Gold!

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