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Go paperless by Nov. 30, 2018

Easy to use, available 24/7 and a chance for $50 - now that's a great gift!

The holidays are right around the corner and with the commotion of celebrations, gift-giving and travel, fumbling around with bills should be the least of your worries.

Keeping track of your water bill can be as easy as clicking a button. With H20Access, you receive an email instead of a paper bill, can access your account and bill online 24/7 and have multiple payment options including auto-pay. And, as our gift to you during this hectic season, we are giving away a $50 water credit to 10 random customers who have opted-in for paperless billing.

Not to stress you out, but you must opt-in before Nov. 30, 2018 to be eligible. All paperless customers will be entered into the drawing!

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What impact do I have on our water supply?

On average, every person in Castle Rock uses 112 gallons of water per day (gpcd). About half of that is used indoors with toilets and showers accounting for the most water. And, the other half of all water used in Castle Rock goes toward your landscape. (Though you are not irrigating currently, this 66+ gallons per month, per person, is averaged throughout the year!) 

Our residents have answered the call to conserve and Castle Rock has already surpassed the state goal of 129 gpcd. Our goal now is 100 gpcd which we plan to reach by 2050. If we use less water, we won't have to purchase more in the future!

Small steps to cut back add up. If all residents in Castle Rock, including each member of your family, used one less gallon of water per day, we could save 24 million gallons of water per year!


Diversifying the portfolio

Five years ago, Castle Rock pulled 100 percent of its water from our deep underground aquifers. In 2013, we began pulling renewable water from Plum Creek. In 2018, we began importing renewable water from northern sources (WISE water.) Now, another supply source is on the horizon - reuse.

Castle Rock plans on recapturing water from the creek that was just treated to regulatory standards and released from the wastewater plant. It will be retreated at our Plum Creek Water Treatment Facility to the purity of drinking water standards. Reuse water will be one of the most cost effective solutions to our water supply.

What this all means is that Castle Rock has a strong and reliable water future! Come by our booth at Starlighting on Nov. 17 to learn more!

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