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What's ahead for July 17?

You can view the full agenda online for the Tuesday, July 17, meeting. There will be several items on the agenda, but here’s a brief snapshot of a few things Council is scheduled to discuss:

Council to consider the purchase of Douglas County WISE reservation Water
Having a varied water supply is an important element of Castle Rock Water’s long-term water plan. Sometimes, that means purchasing water from other sources. Castle Rock is part of the WISE project, which is renewable water imported from Denver and Aurora. Now that all of the infrastructure is in place, the Town started receiving WISE water in April of this year.

Town Council will consider Tuesday a resolution to approve the purchase of 1,137.5 acre-feet of additional WISE water that is currently reserved by Douglas County for Castle Rock and other Douglas County entities. This would supply enough water for approximately 2,500 Castle Rock homes.

The total purchase would be about $2.1 million – about $200,000 to Douglas County to cover reservation fees and $1.9 million to the WISE Authority, from which the water originated. The funding would come from System Development Fees paid by developers.

Council to consider possible Town Code changes regarding group homes
In Castle Rock, making sure everyone has a great place to live is a priority. Town Council will be considering Tuesday changes to Town Code regarding group homes within residential neighborhoods. The goal of the ordinance is to make sure people with disabilities have the opportunity to live in the same neighborhoods as people without disabilities.

The proposed ordinance would amend several sections of Town Code to better align them with current State and Federal Statutes. Cleanup items, like enhancing the definition of “group home” and clearly setting parameters for governing group homes in residential neighborhoods, would all be outlined with this ordinance. The proposed ordinance seeks to strike a balance between preserving the characteristics of residential neighborhoods and providing opportunities for everyone to have a great, safe place to live.

This agenda item was rescheduled from the June 19 Town Council meeting, so this will be the first reading of the proposed ordinance. There will be an opportunity for public comment. Please keep in mind, comments will be limited to 4 minutes, and residents will be given priority.

Proposed ordinance would repeal and reenact Town Code related to the distribution of tobacco products to minors
As more alternative means of ingesting nicotine make their way to the market, it’s important Town Code is up-to-date on minors and tobacco use. This proposed ordinance would update the definition of tobacco products to include electronic, vapor-based forms of nicotine. If approved, the ordinance would also ensure Castle Rock Police officers maintain the ability to enforce the law if anyone is caught distributing tobacco products to minors. This will be the first reading of the proposed ordinance.

Other agenda items
There will be several other items on Tuesday’s agenda. Council will be discussing several amendments that would clean up sections of Town Charter related to electing a Mayor at large. While voters have approved the qualifications for Mayor and the timeframe in which the first Mayor will be elected, this ordinance would clean up ambiguity in the Charter related to the distinction between the office of Mayor and Councilmember. Because amendments to Town Charter require voter approval, Council will be considering the first reading of the ballot questions.

Council will also be considering an ordinance that would approve the formation of a General Improvement District for the Festival Park Commons project proposed for just south of Town Hall. The General Improvement District would be structured under State Statute for the purpose of developing, financing and operating public improvements. Town Council would serve as the governing board of the District. The Festival Park Commons project is proposed to include residential units, retail and office space, and a park garage with an estimated 300 Town-owned public parking spaces.

Additionally, Town Council will be considering several agenda items related to Castle Rock Fire and Rescue. The annual updates to the department’s 2016-2019 Strategic Plan and its Community Risk Assessment and Standards cover will both be up for approval.

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Council meetings are generally held the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Meetings begin at 6 p.m. in the Town Hall Council Chambers, 100 N. Wilcox St. These meetings are open to the public. 

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