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Fill the Rock with water savings and win prizes!

Each small step toward conservation adds up to big savings and a win for all of us. Throughout July, Castle Rock Water is asking residents to take daily actions to conserve water. Each action will be used to ‘fill’ Castle Rock with water savings. Register your conservation actions at and be entered into weekly drawings for prizes totally more than $800!

The Rock is half full and so we need more residents to continue to take daily conservation actions! One action this week was to ask a question to our conservation water experts. We got some great questions!

How is Castle Rock Water working with HOAs

Castle Rock Water has reached out to all HOAs to communicate the importance of water conservation and irrigation efficiency for both residents and community spaces. We held an HOA open house in May to cover new regulations and schedules, and we meet with HOA boards and management companies individually as requested. While we endorse ColoradoScapes, the Town does not have any specific requirements for the design guidelines. Design approval processes are at the discretion of the HOA. However, residents can find tips and ideas on, including a Castle Rock friendly plant list and photo gallery of Coloradoscaped yards in Town. Castle Rock Water also provides  rebates to both residents and non-residential properties for turf removal, smart irrigation controllers and rotary sprinkler nozzle replacement.

How to decrease my bill

Using less water through conservation can reduce the water usage charges on your bill some. Monitor that your usage does not go above your water budget outlined on your bill. Find tips on how to conserve indoors and outdoors at Irrigation accounts for about half of your annual water usage and is the area that is easiest to reduce. Using efficient irrigation practices and decreasing turf are the most effective ways to reduce outdoor water usage. Keep in mind that a large portion of your water bill is fixed charges. The fixed charges remain stable throughout the year and pay for water services, renewable water, stormwater and wastewater. If you did not use any water, customers will still pay this portion as there is a cost for the infrastructure of pipes, treatment plants, etc. Castle Rock Water rates are mid-ranged compared to other Front Range water providers. Additional information on rates and tiers can be found at or by calling our billing representatives at 303-660-1373.

How are developers held to xeric design?

The Town of Castle Rock has landscape design regulations that developers are required to follow. Developers can only plant low-water use plants, Kentucky Blue Grass is not permitted, and efficient irrigation practices are required. The Plant Finder on includes many of the low-water use plants from this required list. Kentucky Blue Grass has been restricted on commercial properties and now, it is no longer permitted on residential new construction. Instead, builders can select a drought-tolerant turf such as Texas Hybrid Blue Grass. Additionally, smart controllers have been required on non-residential new construction, but are now required for all residential new construction. Other requirements for new construction and renovation include rain sensors, 6-inch pop-up height minimum for all sprinkler heads, internal check valves, and internal pressure regulation. These regulations can be found at Castle Rock Water hopes these regulations continue to become more Coloradoscape-minded and that developers and residents welcome colorful landscapes with less turf. 

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