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Meter  Services Team with Town of Castle Rock utility truck

Knock, knock: Safe service calls

It is important that our customers always feel safe. If anyone claiming to be a Town employee comes to your door, make sure they have the following:

  • Town employee picture identification
  • Arrives in a vehicle marked with Town of Castle Rock emblem
Water service calls are one of the most frequent reasons for a Town employee to come to your home. But keep in mind, we schedule an exact appointment for safety purposes. If you are suspicious of someone at your door, please call Castle Rock Police at 303-663-6100.
Bathroom sink faucet

Frozen pipes!
Should I let my water drip?

With the sporadic sighting of Old Man Winter, we need to remember to keep those pipes warm. Frozen pipes are a major cause of leaks within the home.

Allowing warm air to reach exposed pipes by opening cabinet and crawl space doors is the best way to keep pipes from freezing. Or, try wrapping pipes with plug-in heat tape and foam insulation, especially those located on exterior walls. Plus, keep your spaces warm by never setting the thermostat lower than 55 degrees.

Letting water drip from a faucet is about releasing pressure, not the flow of water. This method does not prevent freezing pipes, just the bursting of the pipe from ice buildup.

The best prevention tip is simply to keep pipes warm! Find more tips on

How do our rates compare?

Castle Rock Water knows exactly how our water rates compare with other Front Range water providers. Keeping rates low, while still being able to pay for sustainable water and updated infrastructure is one of our top priorities.

We conduct benchmarking and extensive financial analysis each year and our rates continue to be mid-range compared to other water providers in the Front Range.

The cost of water is greatly affected by where we get our water and how much electricity is needed to distribute it. Castle Rock, like many other South Metro water providers, primarily gets its water from underground aquifers. In some cases, that water must be pumped nearly 2,000 feet to the surface. Additionally, we are transitioning to more renewable sources, and so those water rights and the treatment processes are now the cost considerations. 

Graph of typical monthly winter rates for CR water compared to others

Each year, extensive financial analysis is conducted to identify projects, expenses and long-term payment options. All of these projects, along with your water service, is paid for through water bills. No taxes, money from the Town’s general fund or levies are used.

You are char
ged for each service we provide to you and this is delineated on your bill. These include water infrastructure, wastewater management and stormwater development.

Typically, rate changes go into effect in January and are seen on bills in February. This year, residents won’t notice a rate change because there isn’t one! Only some changes in fees paid by developers were applied this year.

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