Water Update Open House

It’s your water. Tell us what you think!

Join Castle Rock Water for the Water Updates Open House. Learn about new and updated plans to conserve water, protect water quality and manage peak demands. Then, give us your feedback. Comment forms will be available. Plus, take a tour of the water treatment facility.

Water Update Open House
Wednesday, Feb. 7
5-7:30 p.m.
Plum Creek Water Purification Facility
1929 Liggett Road

Please keep in mind, parking at the water treatment facility is limited. Overflow parking will be provided on the street and at Castle Rock Water, 175 Kellogg Court. There will be a shuttle to transport customers to the water treatment facility.

Can't make the open house? Fill out the feedback form online.

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Plum Creek

Learn about the 2018 water plans

Source Water Protection Plan

Principal sources for our renewable water supply are East and West Plum Creek. This surface water is susceptible to contamination from several sources including agricultural waste, residential fertilizer runoff and potential roadway spills. This plan is a tool for the Town to ensure clean and high-quality drinking water sources and includes procedures for:

  • Keeping the water clean before it goes to the water treatment plant to reduce costs for the treatment processes
  • Educating residents and businesses to raise awareness that simple things such as picking up pet waste and providing watering tanks for livestock can affect raw water quality

Drought Mitigation Plan

The Town is now relying on more renewable water sources that are directly impacted by drought conditions. Colorado is susceptible to drought conditions due to our semi-arid environment and variable climate. This plan identifies the specific values of a drought and what steps can be taken to ensure an uninterrupted supply of water when a drought-induced water supply shortage exists. The plan also identifies:

  • When, what and how irrigation restrictions should be tightened on residential homes
  • How restrictions can be increased for streetscapes, parks, and outdoor businesses like golf courses should drought conditions arise
This plan is still in development and will be available at the open house.

Water Use Management Plan update

Since 1985, the Town has established watering guidelines to manage peak demand and increase conservation. Such guidelines include the every-third-day watering schedule and prescribed low-water plant material for development.

While conservation is a positive result, the primary focus of this plan is to ensure adequate amounts/pressure of water during 
irrigation season - including for fire protection and infrastructure management. The updates for this plan include:

  • A five-year expiration on the Water Wiser designation
  • Stricter watering schedules for non-residential customers

Landscape and Irrigation Performance Standards and Criteria update

With aesthetics defined by the Town’s Vision Plan, new development and landscape projects that impact a customer’s water budget are required to adhere to this criteria manual. The criteria establishes a procedure for:

  • Designing, installing and maintaining water efficient landscapes with low-water use plants, soil amendment requirements and proper plan design
  • Enacting a policy where new residential home developments can no longer install Kentucky bluegrass
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