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Year in Review with Castle Rock Water

Getting safe, reliable water to your tap 24/7 is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole network of projects that make your water service possible. Looking back over 2017, here are just a few of those projects.

Outter Marker Road Pipeline

Importing WISE Water

The drought of the early 2000’s spurred Colorado communities to plan for a long-term sustainable water supply. The WISE (Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency) project is a group of 13 South Metro water providers who are sharing in costs and resources to import water from northern sources. 

Castle Rock has invested $29.4 million for shared assets such as the Smoky Hill Water Tank and space in the Western pipeline. It also encompasses Town-specific projects like the Outter Marker Road and local WISE pipelines. This new source of renewable water is expected in spring 2018. 

Explore this momentous journey of renewable water. And, remember to stay hydrated, my friends.

CR-2 Diversion

CR-2 Diversion

With the goal of increasing supply with renewable water, Castle Rock Water is now pulling between 1 and 3 million gallons of water out of East Plum Creek per day.

The cost for this surface water diversion structure was approximately $773,000, including design and construction. If CR-2 is able to average 1 million gallons per day of production per year, the value of this water in terms of capital investment is approximately $28 million per year.

Meadows Valve Replacement

Meadows Water Treatment Plant Valves and Actuators Replacement 

Every piece of the water treatment process is extremely important, and sometimes maintenance is necessary. Twenty-six automated valves were replaced at the nearly 30 year-old Meadows Water Treatment Plant.

The valves control everything from raw water flowing into the plant, to water between process units, and backwash water to clean filter media.

Evolving with the Town, the plant was expanded in 2003 to its current capacity with chloramine disinfection capabilities added in 2013. Now, this water plant, with routine upgrades, will last decades longer.

South Well Field

South Well Field Stormwater Improvements 

To improve water quality and flood control, vertical steel sheets were installed along a severely eroded stream bank on Plum Creek. Additionally, drop structures were sculpted to mimic exposed sedimentary rock.

This $1.2 million project blends with natural beauty of the stream while guiding and controlling stream flow and providing protection to nearby well infrastructure.

Keeping track of projects

If you notice a project in your neighborhood, chances are more information can be found on the Town's Development Activity Map. Additional information and updates for major water projects can also be found here.

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