Conservation makes a difference!

The sun is shining and temperatures are soaring! Summer is in full swing. With the excessive heat, and no rain to provide relief, Castle Rock is using water at record levels. While barbeques and spending time outdoors are priorities this time of year, conservation should also be top of mind. Castle Rock Water needs your help. Please cut back on outdoor watering.

The recent hot, dry weather and lack of rain locally has resulted in East Plum Creek in Castle Rock dropping to record low levels. Castle Rock Water is now restricting when HOAs can water public spaces to help conserve water and take stress off the community’s renewable water supply. Starting Sunday, HOAs will only be allowed to water public spaces – including neighborhood parks, common areas, medians and other right-of-way spaces – Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. the following morning.

Also, the department plans to prohibit public space watering tonight and tomorrow so the system’s water storage tanks have time to replenish. Crews will be going around to public spaces to help shut off the water for HOAs and parks tonight and Saturday. The Town is also asking HOAs to cut back on issuing violations for distressed lawns in their communities to help residents reduce outdoor watering.

This three-day-a-week watering schedule is similar to what residents already are required to follow for single-family homes. Typical water usage over the summer is about 12.4 million gallons per day. Lately, our community has been using closer to 16.5 million gallons. That deficit causes stress on the system. And, with such low levels in the creek, the community has less renewable water supply than normal. 

Town departments will also be doing their part. Parks and Recreation will be abiding by the Sunday, Wednesday, Friday public space watering schedule. Public Works has suspended street sweeping which uses significant water. Also, Police and Fire will not be washing their vehicles or bay floors. 

Residents should also be helping out. Cutting back 20 percent will save millions of gallons of water each day. That’s just two minutes in a watering cycle. If each cycle is set to 10 minutes, please cut back to 8 minutes. Also remember, watering restrictions are in place through August. That means watering is only allowed between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. on a resident’s assigned watering day.

Castle Rock is transitioning to a renewable water supply, and that makes it even more important to adjust outdoor watering in response to weather conditions. Being mindful of conservation will help keep the community’s water supply reliable and protect the supplies in East Plum Creek.

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