Valley Drive Safety Improvement

The Traffic Engineering Division has heard from residents and Police about a speeding issue along Valley Drive. When conducting a review of the area, staff measured an 85th percentile speed of 37 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour speed limit roadway.

To help reduce speed and increase pedestrian safety, the Town will implement safety improvements at the intersection of Valley Drive and South Street.

The goal of this project is to:

  • Enhance pedestrian safety
  • Reduce vehicle speeds
  • Improve overall safety for the public

Project outreach

For this improvement project, the Traffic Engineering Division evaluated two potential safety options for feedback: concrete curb extensions and a raised crosswalk.

To obtain resident feedback, the Town sent a postcard to residents located in areas surrounding South Street and Valley Drive in early April. These residents live nearby and are more likely to traverse the Valley Drive and South Street intersection.

Of the 71 respondents, 55 preferred the raised crosswalk, compared to 16 who favored concrete curb extensions. 

Additionally, the Town requested feedback from stakeholders such as the Public Works Streets Division, Fire and Police departments.


After evaluating the feedback from involved stakeholders, the Traffic Engineering Division determined that a raised crosswalk was the best safety improvement option for the Valley Drive and South Street intersection.

The decision to choose a raised crosswalk over curb extensions was made after considering factors like pedestrian visibility, the potential impact on vehicle speed, suitability for different types of vehicles, alternative routes and drainage concerns. The Streets Division also favored raised crosswalks due to the ease of snow removal, while the Fire Department preferred curb extensions to minimize response time and discomfort for ambulance passengers. A majority of community respondents also preferred the raised crosswalk.

The existing drainage system will be maintained to address icing concerns. By implementing the raised crosswalk, pedestrian visibility will improve, vehicles will be slowed to the speed limit of 30 miles per hour and the risk of severe injuries at the intersection will be reduced.

Construction timeline

Construction is expected to begin in July as part of the 2023 concrete safety improvement project. During construction, residents should expect minimal delays. Signs will be placed along the roadside to provide the most up-to-date information before construction begins.

Raised crosswalk concept at the South Street and Valley Drive intersection

Raised crosswalk concept art at the South Street and Valley Drive intersection.