Plum Creek Boulevard and Crystal Valley Parkway Roundabout

In anticipation of the future construction of the new Crystal Valley Interchange and increased local traffic volumes, the existing intersection of Plum Creek Boulevard and Crystal Valley Parkway will be improved with a roundabout. This project will decrease congestion and increase safety for motorists along the corridor.  

The Plum Creek Boulevard and Crystal Valley Parkway roundabout is in alignment with the suggested roadway improvements along the southern corridor of Town, as identified in the Transportation Master Plan.

Project background

Town staff reviewed a variety of roadway improvement options to identify one that meets the most elements valued by the community: high safety, low lifecycle cost, low downtime, low environmental impacts, and reliability. The roundabout option was determined to be the most effective over traffic signal and stop sign options.

The project will implement the following:

  • Improved access to the new Crystal Valley Interchange from the southeast areas of Town.
  • Bicycle lanes and improved pedestrian crossings.
  • Reduced speeds at the intersection, which assists with improved safety.

Project timeline

The roundabout design has been completed and the project is now entering into the construction phase with the following anticipated schedule:

  • Contract approval in December 2022.
  • Construction completion in fall 2023.

Project area

Crystal Valley Parkway and Plum Creek Boulevard roundabout map