Financial Planning

Budgeting for services

Castle Rock is a growing community. It's important to accommodate for this growth in annual budgets as the Town works to maintain its levels of service while addressing key community priorities including:

  • Ensuring outstanding public safety
  • Enhancing our roads
  • Securing our water future
  • Maintaining strong Parks and Recreation
  • Supporting economic development
  • Managing Town finances conservatively
  • Preserving our community character

To view detailed information on the current budget, visit the 2023 Budget page.

Past budgets and additional financial information

The Town's most recent five annual budgets are available online.

Additional financial information is available on the Financial Reporting and Information page.

Castle Rock's financial structure

Watch this video to learn more about the Town's financial structure.

More information

Questions about this information? Email our Finance team or call 720-733-2227.