Cobblestone Ranch Tank 18

Project scopeTank domed roof example

Due to expanded development in the Cobblestone Ranch area, a 2-million gallon water tank, appropriate water transmission lines and accompanying fire hydrants are scheduled to be built in 2022. Tank 18 will be located off of Antelope Place and Pleasant View Drive on Town property adjacent to Douglas County and private property. A water tank is an essential piece of infrastructure to provide sufficient water pressure and fire protection to properties within the distribution area.

Tank 18 and transmission pipelines are still in the design phase with applications for permitting underway. On-site surveying and engineering inspections are currently taking plaTank cross sectionce.

As Town character is a cornerstone of our development, efforts are being made for Tank 18 to blend with the surrounding terrain. It will be partially buried with approximately 0 to 25 feet of exposure. Most of this exposure is expected to be from a domed roof on the structure.

Concurrently, the transmission pipeline that will follow the entire length of Pleasant View Drive will connect Tank 18 to the water main line currently along Castle Oaks Drive. Approximately 21 fire hydrants will be connected along the transmission pipeline, providing fire protection to both the Town and County areas. 

Upon completion of the water infrastructure, the developer is expected to pave a portion of Pleasant View Drive from the northeast connection to Castle Oaks towards Antelope Place as the neighborhood is built, and Castle Rock Water will resurface the disturbed portion of Pleasant View Drive west of Antelope Place to its current composition.  


  • Spring 2022 - Spring 2023: Tank 18 and transmission lines construction

Service disruptions and traffic detours

Construction equipment for the tank project is currently scheduled to enter from the northeast end of Pleasant View Drive and travel south to the site to minimize traffic impact on current residents. Exact construction traffic details and equipment staging are still being determined. Notice of lane closure and detours will be made when schedules are finalized.

No water service disruptions are anticipated.

Construction activity will be restricted to weekdays, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., although work may also occur outside those times as approved by the Town to accommodate special conditions. 


On March 15, 2022, Town Council approved a contract with DN Tanks for Tank 18 construction in the amount of $4,386,765. The pipeline construction contract has not yet been awarded.

Tank 18 Project Map