Glovers Water Rehabilitation

The Glovers Distribution Pipe Rehabilitation Project is replacing the aging and undersized potable water distribution piping in this subdivision. With the replacement of the waterlines, Castle Rock Water is also bringing the number of hydrants and valves in the neighborhood up to current standards, making the area safe and less susceptible to water outages in the future. All of the main waterlines and the service lines connecting to each household meter will be replaced. 

The project for phase 1 has been completed and phase 2 is now underway. 

The sewer mains in the Glovers neighborhood were rehabilitated with Cured in Place Pipe lining in 2013 and has extended the life of these mains for another 40 to 50 years. As noted in Town Code, service lines from the sewer main for the individual user are owned and maintained by the property owner. However, Castle Rock Water is, at our expense, replacing these lateral lines from the sewer main to the sidewalk, in the public right-of-way, to help minimize future street cuts by residents that need to replace potentially failing sewer lines in the street.


Phase 1: Construction began May 2021 and concluded December 2021

The first phase included Douglas Fir and Elm avenues; Park and Hill drives; and Elm and Hill courts. 

Phase 2: Summer 2022

Ash, Birch and Cedar avenues; and Stone Drive - will be replaced during the summer of 2022. Reconstruction and repavement of streets will follow.

Access and disruptions

When your waterline and sewer line are connected to the new main, your water service will be disrupted for four to six hours, for each effort. To minimize any inconvenience, affected customers will be given advance notice, typically a minimum of 48 hours, when these disruptions are planned. Temporary and intermittent disruptions to water services may occur periodically throughout the project.

Traffic detours will also be necessary. Access to resident's property will be maintained throughout the project.

Additional notice regarding repaving of the street and access limitations will be provided to the residents.

Construction activity is scheduled 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday - Saturday.


The Phase 1 construction contract was awarded to T. Lowell Construction, for approximately $2.96 million, with the added scope of work for sewer lateral replacement and street pavement.

The Phase 2 construction contract was awarded to Global Underground, for approximately $2.96 million.

Glovers Project Area 2 Map