Aspen View Academy Traffic Changes


The Town, Castle Rock Police Department and Aspen View Academy are working to improve safety in and around this school zone. 

The Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Castle Rock Police Department, conducted a review of the streets in the neighborhood through a walking audit, and viewing the pick-up process with aerial footage. They have collected feedback via phone and email from parents and the residents living in the nearby neighborhoods. CRPD’S Community Partnership Unit also attended the April Aspen View Academy Board meeting. The intent of the review was to ensure that safety measures, such as parking areas, signs, crosswalk markings and intersection sightlines are all installed and operating as intended.

The evaluation indicated the need to make safety improvements, including new crosswalk markings, no parking signage adjustments to improve visibility at intersections for both vehicles and pedestrians, and school zone signage to ensure vehicles approaching Low Meadow Boulevard are aware of the school zone. Long term, we will be working with the school to install two additional school flashing beacons near the Moonfire Way intersection, as well as evaluate other improvements to the school pick-up process and access along Low Meadow. The Town is asking the school to update and revise their student drop-off and pick-up procedures to account for the growing population of students, and to identify and then make improvements to minimize the impact to the neighborhood streets during the drop off and pick-up period.

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