Hangman's Gulch Channel Improvements

Hangmans Gulch Channel Improvements – Phase IV

Protecting our water quality 

Hangmans Gulch is a eastern tributary within the Plum Creek drainage basin and is centrally located in the Town. Stormwater improvements are underway along Hangmans Gulch to protect water quality and maintain a healthy stream system in response to impacts from urbanization. Evidence of erosion has been observed along the channel south of the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center and west of Woodlands Boulevard. 

Castle Rock Water, in partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department, completed three additional phases of stream stabilization in 2011, 2012 and 2018. Previous improvements are located between East Plum Creek and the Recreation Center, adjacent to the Hangmans Gulch Trail. Stabilization along Hangmans Gulch generally includes construction of grouted sloping, boulder drop structures and vertical check structures. Four additional grade control structures will be added during Phase IV. 

Access and disruptions

There are no road or trail closures planned; however, a small portion of the Recreation Center parking lot will be reserved for construction access. Periodic traffic restrictions will occur at the parking lot main entrance, and adjacent trail, at times when equipment and materials are being removed or delivered to the site. Additionally, removal of sections of the concrete sidewalk and trail is necessary for construction access. Temporary surfaces will be provided for pedestrian access between Woodlands Boulevard and the Recreation Center.   

Construction traffic will enter and exit the site through the Recreation Center parking lot main entrance at Woodlands Boulevard and Saddleback Drive. The haul route will be along Woodlands and Scott boulevards.  

Construction activities will take place weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., although work may also occur outside those times as approved by the Town to accommodate special conditions. 

Environmental impacts are important considerations in channel improvement design. Effort was made in the design process to minimize the number of trees to be removed as a result of construction; however, removal of some trees and scrub oak is necessary. Disturbed areas within the construction limits will be reseeded to restore native vegetation.


April – August 2021


The construction contract was awarded to Meridiam Partners, LLC. This project is being funded through the Stormwater Enterprise Fund in the amount of $565,741.

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