Well Rehabilitation

2021 Denver Basin Well Rehabilitation Project

It is important to keep our existing infrastructure operating in an efficient manner. During this summer months, this helps ensure peak water demands can be met without resorting to curtailment measures due to well failures. In order to do this, the Water Resources Division has established a yearly rehabilitation and equipment replacement program for priority deep Denver Basin wells. The formalized program helps mitigate emergency well services due to pumping equipment failure. Wells showing declines in production or wells using older pumping equipment will be included in the rehabilitation program. 

In 2021, work took place on wells in the Meadows and Founders neighborhoods. 

  • Arapahoe Aquifer Wells CR-39, CR-86, CR-73R, and CR-117
  • Denver Aquifer Wells CR-72R, CR-217, and CR-41

These wells have a combined daily production of 2.5 million gallons per day. The rehabilitation on these wells was conducted by Applied Ingenuity LLC and Colorado Pump Service Co. for a project cost of $1.09 million and was completed in fall 2021.

2021 Denver Basin Well Rehab Meadows map
2021 Denver Basin Well Rehab Founders Map