Auto Theft and Car Break-In Prevention

Auto thefts and car break-ins continue to plague Colorado, and Castle Rock is not exempt. The Castle Rock Police Department believes many of these stolen vehicles are used to commit other crimes in the Town which is why it's crucial we work together to reduce these crimes of opportunity.

CRPD continues to lead the charge in the fight against auto thefts in Colorado. In 2022, Castle Rock saw a 15% decrease in auto thefts — according to the CATPA Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force. This followed a 25% decrease of auto thefts in 2021. 

Additionally, the Castle Rock Police Department reported an overall 39% decrease in total crimes in 2022. This included a 4% decrease in persons crimes and a 42% decrease in property crimes — including 48% decrease in thefts from motor vehicles from 2021 to 2022.

While Castle Rock continues to trend in the right direction, it takes all of us to keep our community safe. Here are some things you can do to help prevent auto thefts and car break-ins:

Reminders before bed

Every night, the Castle Rock Police Department encourages you to follow the #9pmRoutine to protect your property. These reminders include the following:

  • Remove all valuables from your car
  • Lock your car and bring the keys with you into the house
  • If possible, park your vehicle in a garage
  • Keep your garage door closed at all times - especially once you go to bed
  • Turn on all outside house lights
  • Make sure all home security cameras are on and working, if applicable
  • Report all suspicious behavior to CRPD
9PM routine includes locking doors, turning on lights and removing valuables from cars before bed

Reminders when out and about

Motor vehicle thefts and car break-ins can happen anytime, anywhere. The Castle Rock Police Department offers these tips to help protect your property and belongings while running errands, visiting the Town's parks and trails, going to the gym, eating out and more:

  • Remove cell phones, purses, cash, electronics or other valuables from your vehicle
  • Hide boxes, tools, shopping bags or gym bags from plain sight. If possible, place items in a closed trunk while at home instead of trying to "hide" items when you arrive at your destination
  • Plan ahead - take only the items you need with you so you don't leave items unattended
  • Park your vehicle in areas that are well lit
  • Close your car windows completely
  • Take your garage door opener from your vehicle after parking
  • Use your garage if you have one. Never leave your keys inside the ignition (even if parked in the garage)
  • Stay with your car while warming it up and never leave your car while it's running - even if you're gone only a minute
  • Lock your car and take the keys with you
  • Consider investing in a car alarm
  • Keep a second set of keys in a safe place, rather than inside your car

More Information

In addition, you can subscribe to the CRPD Rock Watch program. This video-sharing program can help expedite our investigation in the event a crime occurs in your area. For more information on this program and to register your security cameras, visit the Rock Watch page.