Auto Theft Awareness

The Denver metro area has seen an influx of car break-ins over the past year. Castle Rock is no exception. Did you know more than three out of four known car break-ins, which occur in Town, happen to unlocked cars?

Help us erase this crime of opportunity. It takes all of us to keep our community safe.

Every night (via social media), the Castle Rock Police Department (CRPD) encourages you to follow the #9PMRoutine


These reminders include the following:

  • Remove all valuables from your car
  • Lock your car and bring the keys with you into the house
  • If possible, park your vehicle in a garage
  • Keep your garage door closed at all times - especially once you go to bed
  • Lock your front and back doors
  • Turn on all outside house lights
  • Make sure all home security cameras are on and working, if applicable
  • Report all suspicious behavior to the police

More Information

In addition, you can also subscribe to the CRPD Rock Watch program. This video-sharing program can help expedite our investigation in the event a crime occurs in your area. For more information on this program and to register your security cameras, visit the Rock Watch page.