2021 Budget

2021 Budget and financial planning2021 Budget Cover FINAL

Town staff is proud to present the 2021 Adopted Budget to the community. It is important to note that continued financial uncertainty at the local, state and national levels related to the COVID-19 pandemic, could result in possible future impacts on Town operations. As with any budget, it is a challenge to balance needs with available funding, especially in a thriving and growing community. 

This past year has been particularly challenging with the pandemic; however, the Town has successfully pivoted during this time. In spite of some setbacks, the Town was able to adopt a 2021 Budget that includes a healthy amount of capital projects and operating resources while maintaining a conservative financial approach. 

The Town’s budget is built on strategic priorities that are determined by feedback from the biennial community survey and Town Council. Our most recent survey results, from 2019, reinforce that residents appreciate the high quality of services provided in Castle Rock. In addition to considering that feedback, the Town held a virtual open house in July 2020 to gather input on the 2021 Budget priorities, which remain unchanged from 2020.