Gateway Mesa Proposal

Annexation Proposal

The Town of Castle Rock owns numerous parcels of land that are located outside of the current Town boundaries. Gateway Mesa Open Space (PDF) is one such property, which was purchased by the Town in 1999 to be used as public open space. Town staff is proposing to annex the property to the Town. Annexation allows for application of the Town of Castle Rock Municipal Code provisions such as law enforcement, zoning code, and jurisdiction over code violation, etc. Annexation also reduces service conflicts or redundancy as to which jurisdiction governs the property.      

Current Zoning

The property is currently zoned Agricultural One (A1) in Douglas County. Permitted uses on A1 zoned property include open space and trails, parks, playgrounds, private recreation facility, public or private schools, event center, and large lot residential development. Permanent conservation use restrictions are in place on the Gateway Mesa property prohibiting mountain bikes and horses on the trails. The Town of Castle Rock’s Parks and Recreation Department maintains the property.    


Gateway Mesa consists of four parcels of land totaling approximately 199 acres. The Town proposes to annex the property and zone it as Public Land-2 (PL-2). PL-2 is a straight zone classification defined in the Town of Castle Rock Municipal Code Section 17.30.030. Permitted uses in the PL-2 zone district include open space, wildlife sanctuary, trails and associated service facilities, and parking. The Town’s intention for the annexation is to bring the property under the Town’s jurisdiction. The Town is not proposing any changes to the public access or existing uses on the property. The permanent conservation easement will also remain in place on the property.

Vicinity Map

Gateway Mesa is located adjacent to State Highway 86, approximately ¾ of a mile east of the intersection of Highway 86 and Enderud Boulevard / High Point Road.

Gateway Mesa Open Space annexation vicinity map

What is the process?

Annexation proposals must follow a state-mandated process that is established in the Colorado Revised Statutes. The statutory requirements for annexation of municipally owned property is different than for private annexations. For example, the annexation petition, substantial compliance hearing and the eligibility hearing are not required. The Town’s community outreach, public noticing and public hearing requirements are necessary. Prior to any public hearings, the Town will seek community feedback through a neighborhood meeting. Public hearings will be held before the Planning Commission and Town Council. Public comment will be taken at the public hearings. 

Gateway Mesa Process

StepDateRelated Link
Community OutreachMay 6, 2020
Planning CommissionJuly 9, 2020July 9th Planning Commission Staff Report
Town CouncilJuly 21, 2020
Town Council 2nd ReadingAug. 18, 2020Aug. 18th Town Council Staff Report - Annexation
Aug. 18th Town Council Staff Report - Zoning

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Documents and more information

If you have any questions or would like a copy of any of these documents, please contact Matt Gohl or Sandy Vossler by phone or the addresses below.

Contact information

Matt Gohl, Special Projects Manager
Town of Castle Rock, Town Manager’s Office
100 N. Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Sandy Vossler, Senior Planner
Town of Castle Rock, Development Services
100 N. Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104