Craig & Gould Infrastructure Improvements

Castle Rock Water and the Public Works Department are planning infrastructure improvements in the Craig and Gould North neighborhood to address stormwater flows, upgrade street pavement, and replace aging water and sanitary sewer mains as appropriate. The project will reduce flooding hazards and improve traffic and pedestrian use of the right-of-way. Infrastructure will be upgraded to meet current design criteria standards and will be similar to improvements completed in the Craig and Gould South neighborhood in 2007.

Project scope

With input from residents and considerations from Castle Rock Water, the Public Works Department and the engineering design firm, infrastructure designs have been finalized. View a map of the overall project improvements (PDF).

  • Streets – Existing streets will be reconstructed to current residential design criteria, with the addition of curb and gutter, new asphalt pavement, dedicated on-street parking, signing and striping, and profile grade improvements where feasible. Also, paved sidewalks, crosswalks and ADA compliant ramps will be installed to facilitate pedestrian movement in the neighborhood.
  • Storm Drainage – The neighborhood currently lacks a modern storm drainage collection system, and is susceptible to localized flooding during storm events. A new storm sewer system will be constructed in conjunction with the street improvements to safely and efficiently capture storm flows in the area. An outfall system will then convey these flows along Sixth Street, under the Union Pacific Railroad and connect to the existing storm sewer under Wilcox Street. 
  • Water and Sanitary Sewer – Partial improvements to the existing water mains and sanitary sewer mains in the neighborhood have been implemented in the past as necessary. This project will complete upgrades to the remaining portions of these systems before they become critical, taking advantage of the street and storm sewer construction to minimize inconvenience and disruption to residents.  Water service connections and sanitary sewer laterals will also be replaced where new mains are installed.

Access and disruptions

Road closures and restricted driveway access will be necessary, and street parking will be unavailable within the work zone. Detours for the public will also be necessary, but local access for residents at all times will be a priority. Traffic control plans from the contractor will be approved by the Public Works Department to ensure no disruptions to emergency or other services occur.

Temporary disruptions to water services will occur periodically throughout the project as necessary to the complete the tie-ins for new water mains and service lines. Disruptions to sanitary sewer services will also occur at some properties when individual service lines are connected to the new sanitary sewer mains. To minimize any inconvenience, affected customers will be given advance notice, typically a minimum of 48 hours, when these disruptions are planned. Services will be disrupted for approximately four to six hours, for each effort.  

Please plan to set water aside for drinking and sanitation purposes (for example, fill a bath tub with some water and use a bucket to transfer water to the toilet for flushing) during the temporary water disruptions.  If you notice any air, sediment or discoloration in your waterlines after the shutdown, run cold water from the furthest faucet in the house, and from several faucets, to clear things up.  


November 2021 - August 2023 


AECOM Technical Services, Inc. completed the engineering design, surveying, permitting and geotechnical services for upgrading the streets, alleys, storm drainage, water and sanitary sewer infrastructure. JBS Pipeline, LLC will be the construction contractor.

Cost of the project for design and construction is estimated at $8.7 million. 


Residents can sign up to receive monthly email updates, or at any time, get additional information, by contacting us at 720-733-6000 or by email.

Construction updates

  1. Jan. 11, 2023 Update:

    Due to the weather and freezing temperatures, final pavement will be postponed until March/April. Some work may continue for the next few months, weather dependent which includes completing walls, stairs and railing, and landscaping along properties. All streets have been paved with the exception of Cantril Street and Sixth Street still needs top mat.  Ninety percent of the sidewalk is installed, and the majority of work left includes completing walls, stairs and railing, and landscaping along properties.

    Please note that this schedule is subject to change and residents will be notified of disruptions as they occur.  

    We appreciate your continued patience throughout this construction project.  

Craig & Gould stormwater project site map