Naming Town Facilities

Nominations to name a Town facility

The Town of Castle Rock accepts nominations to name existing and future un-named community assets such as: parks, trails, open space, buildings and streets. Nominations are reviewed by the Naming Committee and the appropriate Town board or commission, and then approved by Town Council. Applications are first submitted to the Town Clerk.

Naming Rights

Companies or individuals wishing to contribute funding to a project or facility may request naming rights if the donation makes a significant impact to the capital construction or long-term operation of the facility by submitting a major or minor element naming rights application.  

Minor element naming rights 

Minor element naming rights are to name a meeting room, ball field, or any element of a facility that is distinguishable. Applications are reviewed by the appropriate board or commission and approved by the Department Director and Town Manager.  

Major element naming rights 

Major element naming rights applications are reviewed by the Naming Committee and Department Head, and then approved by Town Council.  

Prospective names:

Prospective names should include at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Advance fostering a sense of community and home-town character
  • Heighten the awareness of Town history
  • Celebrate the natural environment
  • Call attention to points of pride in our community:
    • People
    • Events and geography that have shaped the Town
    • Create our sense of place that makes our community unique
    • Special tribute
    • Memorial
    • Geographic feature of a modern neighborhood

All nominations and applications are first submitted to the Town Clerk.