FitGround at Philip S. Miller Park

Get fit at Philip S. Miller Park! 

The FitGround Adult Outdoor Fitness Park provides body-weight and free-form tools for performing resistance exercises designed to build strength, balance, mobility, agility and muscular endurance. The course is located just east of the synthetic-turf athletic field, across the street / parking lot of the Challenge Hill.  


When combined with the trails and Challenge Hill, users can use the FitGround course to get a full-body workout on their own or in fun group classes. Amenities include:

  • fitness obstacle area with low-angle cargo climb
  • wall climbs
  • over and under bars
  • cargo net climber

There is also a large fitness station connected by overhead bars and additional parallel bars, battle ropes, push up bars and plyometric steps.

Rules and regulations

  • Use at your own risk
  • Read all warnings and risks prior to use
  • Follow instructional use labels on each apparatus and use only for its intended exercise
  • Please direct children under age 13 to our adventure playground.
  • No commercial use. Call 720-733-2260 for more information.
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Instructor-led weekly group fitnessFitness and Wellness Logo-01

The FitGround is reserved for instructor-led weekly group fitness classes. These classes are free with your Recreation Center or MAC membership. You can also purchase a daily pass. Pre-registration required.  

Please note, if no one is registered one hour prior to class time, the class will be canceled. Classes are also subject to change.

Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation

The Town partnered with the Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation to bring the outdoor FitGround course to Philip S. Miller Park. Projects like the FitGround course can only be made possible with your support. Donate online today at All donations to the Parks and Trails Foundation are tax deductible.

Established in 2012, the Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation is a resident-led non-profit organization whose missions is to maximize and enhance the recreational experiences within Castle Rock’s parks, trails and open spaces.

Project Update

While construction of the FitGround is now complete, the foundation is still seeking sponsors for this new amenity. The estimated equipment cost is $65,000. The foundation’s goal is to raise at least 50 percent of the funds needed for the equipment installation.