Seasonal Safety Tips

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The leaves are changing, and temperatures are dropping. Fall is in the air.

With trick-or-treat season upon us, keeping those little goblins safe is important. Castle Rock Police and Castle Rock Fire
and Rescue have teamed up to offer these seasonal safety tips.

Keep these tips in mind for a frightfully good time, and a Happy Halloween.

  1. Be sure costumes are bright, reflective and flame-retardant. Also, parents, make sure your child’s costume fits well and doesn’t drag on the ground.
  2. Make sure trick-or-treaters carry a flashlight or other light. Flashlights will help children see better and help traffic see them.
  3. Assure costume accessories, such as swords and other pointed objects, are safe. Also, make sure mask eyeholes are large enough to see any tripping hazards.
  4. Always bring treats home before eating anything. Parents, make sure your child’s candy is well wrapped and identifiable.
  5. Trick or treat with an adult, only approach well-lit houses, and be sure to travel in groups.
  6. If you’re driving your child between houses or neighborhoods, have them get out of the car on the curb side to avoid traffic.
  7. Practice safe street-crossing by using crosswalks and walk signals.
  8. Avoid placing lit candles and jack-o-lanterns on doorsteps or walkways, where accidents could easily happen. 
  9. Keep inside and outside lights on during trick-or-treat hours.
  10. Drivers, slow down, and watch for children in the street.