Encore, formerly known as Festival Park Commons, is a proposed redevelopment of three lots Downtown, just south of Town Hall. The proposed project is a result of a request for proposals the Town distributed in 2017, specifically for a new parking structure.

About the project 

As a result of the RFP, Town Council chose a developer to move forward on the project. That developer was acquired by Confluence Companies, which has been working on concepts for the project. Overall, the project is expected to include a public parking garage, residential units, retail and office space. View preliminary details in the Preliminary Project Application.
Festival Park Commons Map

About the process

There are two processes for this proposed development. 

One is the negotiation of a public finance agreement, which was approved by Town Council. Following a Town Council briefing on the proposed project on July 16, 2019, this agreement was approved on first reading at Town Council's Aug. 20, 2019, meeting. The Town Council approved the agreement on second reading on Sept. 3, 2019, by a vote of 6-1. Read more about the proposed project and agreement.

The other process is the development process through a formal land use application. In order for that to occur, a neighborhood meeting was held in January 2019. After the neighborhood meeting, Confluence Companies submitted a Site Development Plan application, which requires approval by the Design Review Board. The Design Review Board approved the Site Development Plan on Aug. 14, 2019, with a vote of 6-0. The land use application does not require Town Council approval. View the Site Development Plan narrative and submittal below.

Additional information

View a preliminary rendering
View the Site Development Plan submittal
View the Site Development Plan narrative
Read the Redevelopment Agreement (Ord. 2019-021)
Read about the non-binding MOU Council approved May 1
Read the April 3 memo to Town Council
Update: Watch the presentation to Town Council on April 3
Update: Watch a presentation to Town Council on Oct. 3, 2017