Who Councilmembers Are

You're represented by your friends and neighbors

Do you know your Mayor or district Councilmember? Chances are, he or she could be your next door neighbor, a work colleague or a Downtown business owner. Members of Town Council are typical Castle Rock residents who made a choice to serve and become involved in their local government. They are parents, grandparents, full-time workers or retirees. They are residents of a great community they care deeply about. 

A time investment

Being a member of Town Council is not an easy job. Making the decision to run for Council not only means attending Council meetings twice a month, but many other obligations as well. It can be a rewarding experience, but there is a tremendous time commitment involved. Not only do they attend Council meetings that can last until 10 p.m. or later, they attend ribbon cuttings, grand openings, dedication ceremonies, conferences and other community functions and school events. 

Additionally, they serve as liaisons to multiple local, County and regional groups representing the Town. They are truly vested in the future of our community and share the same concerns as our residents do as related to traffic, growth, jobs, renewable water, public safety, housing and transportation issues, to name a few. 

Council salary

Councilmembers are paid an annual salary of $7,800. The Mayor Pro Tem earns $9,600, and the Mayor $11,400 annually.  

Thank you, Council!

Town Council represents you and have the opportunity to impact the future of Castle Rock with the deliberations and decisions they make. They are dedicated citizens who made a choice to become involved in their community, and we appreciate their willingness to serve Castle Rock!