Downtown Parking

Assessing needs and options

Parking the car  it's something most drivers do multiple times each day. Usually, without much thought.

But as Downtown Castle Rock increasingly becomes a destination for residents and visitors, thought must be put into how best to meet the community's parking and access needs.

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Next steps presented at open house

Town staff intends to recommend that one parking space be required for each residential unit built Downtown and that commercial developments should also require parking, per Town Council direction. Town Code does not currently require parking for Downtown developments.

Before bringing their recommendation to Town Council, staff held an open house to gather feedback on the recommendations, as well as on other items related to Downtown parking.

In addition to proposed parking requirements for Downtown developments, these topics were presented for discussion:

  • Parking changes recently implemented to add nearly 20 parking spots to Downtown
  • Processes for requesting a loading zone space or a parking space time-limit adjustment
  • Parking enforcement efforts being conducted by Castle Rock Police Department’s new Community Service Officer
If you didn't attend the open house, view the materials.

Study completed

study of current and future parking needs in Downtown Castle Rock was conducted in 2016/17. The study included development of a plan with short- and long-term strategies to more effectively and efficiently meet the growing mobility needs of residents, visitors and employers. View the executive summary of the study, a list of action items and the full study.

Downtown parking changes

Are there other Downtown parking changes you would like to see? Submit a 
request form, and the parking team will follow up.

The Downtown Parking Team is presently considering this parking change:

  • Establishing a Loading Zone space on Jerry Street north of Third Street
These parking changes are approved and pending implementation:

View the links for additional information. 

Some parking changes added nearly 20 parking spots to Downtown Castle Rock in fall 2017. View the slides from a May 16 presentation to Town Council regarding these changes.


As Castle Rock thrives, the Town and Downtown Alliance have been working together to plan for the future.

In some cases, past studies led to changes in parking restrictions, while in another it led to the construction of the Downtown Parking garage. Get the history by reading the documents to the right. 

Past Parking Studies