Fireworks in Castle Rock

Fourth of July fireworks canceled

Fireworks Show Canceled as Dry Weather Expected to Continue

As a step to ensure the community's safety during extremely dry weather conditions, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue has canceled the Town's Fourth of July fireworks show.

Fire dangers continue to increase, so officials decided to proactively call off the show. The community has been under Stage 1 fire restrictions since April 21. Conditions are not expected to improve before July 4 and will potentially worsen.

While under the current Stage 1 fire restrictions, the sale of legal fireworks is permitted. However, the use of private fireworks is not. It is only legal to discharge private fireworks on the Fourth of July if there are no fire restrictions. As of now, under Stage 1 fire restrictions, it is not legal to discharge private fireworks within Town. In the unlikely event conditions improve, and Stage 1 restrictions are lifted, it would be legal to discharge fireworks only on July 4. That said, conditions are likely to shift the other way, toward Stage 2 restrictions.

If the Town moves to Stage 2 restrictions, the sale and use of fireworks would be prohibited. Additionally, all professional fireworks displays - public and private - would not be allowed.

For additional information, including details regarding the sale of fireworks, view the Town's Municipal Code.

This fireworks display will be rescheduled for later in the year if fire dangers are not as high and restrictions have been lifted. Stay tuned for details.

For information about fire restrictions in unincorporated Douglas County, please visit the Douglas County Sheriff's webpage.