TABOR, or the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, is an amendment to the Colorado Constitution voters approved in 1992. The amendment limits the amount of revenue a government can collect and spend, and requires voter approval for tax increases and to issue debt and other multiyear financial obligations. Government-owned businesses, or "enterprises," which are funded primarily by user fees, are not subject to these limitations and requirements.

Voters may lift TABOR's revenue restrictions, known as "de-Brucing." Most of Colorado's largest municipalities and virtually all of the state's school districts are exempt from TABOR revenue restrictions. When revenues exceed TABOR limits, the Town has two choices:

1. Refund the money in some manner
2. Ask voters to keep and spend the money on local services (up to a year retroactively)

Both options have occurred in Castle Rock the past.

The ​Town's current TABOR status

Town Council in June 2014 directed staff to manage Town finances to keep revenues within TABOR limits to the extent possible, and staff has done so.

Castle Rock voters in November 2021 approved a temporary, 10-year "TABOR timeout." Through 2030, this authorizes the Town to retain and spend any "excess" TABOR revenues solely for:

  • Police;
  • Fire protection;
  • Emergency medical services;
  • Roads and other transportation purposes, including, but not limited to, the Crystal Valley/I-25 interchange
The TABOR timeout only impacts the Town's revenue limit under TABOR. Other aspects of TABOR remain in place, including those requiring voter approval for new taxes and to issue debt and other multiyear financial obligations. View additional information.

​Town TABOR history

The following TABOR surplus amounts have been rebated to Town residents or retained for purposes authorized by Castle Rock voters:

 Year(s)  "Surplus"  Outcome
 1999 $455,099   refunded
 2000  $7,467,311  refunded
 2001 $1,264,037  refunded 
 2002-2003  no surplus -
 2004 $5.4 million  retained
 2005-2014 no surplus  -
 2015  $714,580  retained
 2016-2020  no surplus