Securing the Future

Securing the Town's Water Future

Water PuzzleTaking a proactive approach to the Town's water concerns is the most efficient way to protect the community's water future.
In the late 1990s, groundwater levels in our area declined an average of 30 feet per year. Today, that average has dropped to about 5 feet per year. Thanks to excellent foresight, and the knowledge that a long-term sustainable water supply should be a priority, the Town is well on its way to the 75% renewable water goal thereby protecting and maximizing the benefits of our existing groundwater system.

Long-Term Water Plan

While ensuring the Town has a sustainable water supply for the future is an ongoing project, taking a proactive approach will help make that goal a reality. There are seven major pieces to Castle Rock Water's long-term water plan. Learn more about how each piece fits into the overall water puzzle.

  • Conserve: Water conservation
  • Groundwater: Maintaining our current groundwater supply
  • Import: Importing supplies
  • Local: Local renewable water treatment
  • Plan: Strategic long-term water planning
  • Plan to pay: Responsible finances
  • Storage: Storing supplies for the future