Vision and Master Plan

The 2030 Vision and Comprehensive Master Plan

Town Council unanimously approved the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan in 2017. The Comprehensive Master Plan defines the Town's broad and long-term direction - guiding its growth, development and planning efforts.

2030 Comprehensive Master Plan (PDF)

Character Defines a Community

Incorporated in 1881, Castle Rock is a vibrant and spirited community with a rich history and heritage. Our community theme is "a world-class community with small-town character." Over 140 years later, this theme remains central to our growing community.

This Vision and Comprehensive Master Plan continues to chart the course of development decisions designed to enhance Castle Rock's natural environment and achieve our community theme.


The Vision outlines the building blocks of the community through use of our Four Cornerstones:

  1. Distinct Town Identity
  2. Responsible Growth
  3. Community Services
  4. Thriving Economy

Review the Vision 2030 Summary Report (PDF).

The Comprehensive Master Plan 

The Comprehensive Master Plan is a detailed document, demonstrating how we plan to achieve the Vision goals:

  • Achieve a quality-built environment
  • Plan for and act to manage the impacts of growth
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment
  • Focus on quality development and seek out and encourage great projects
  • Achieve a high level of effective public outreach, notification, and community involvement
  • Ensure quality community services to support public health, safety and welfare
  • Maintain a high quality of life for the residents and businesses
  • Achieve and maintain water conservation and long-term water resource programs
  • Achieve capable surface transportation systems, and plan for multi-modal opportunities
  • Create a regulatory environment based upon goals, values and fairness; all to assist with economic development

These goals and specific action items are guidelines we use to make decisions on land use applications, annexation proposals and draft development plans. We believe the policies, programs, goals and themes defined in the Vision and Comprehensive Master Plan ensure success for future generations.

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Four Cornerstones

In 1999 the Four Cornerstones for future development were created by community participation to provide a foundation for the Town’s planners. They are:

Town of Castle Rock Four Cornerstones Logo
One of the Four Cornerstones in Purple - Distinct Town Identity
One of the Four Cornerstones in Brown - Responsible Growth
One of the Four Cornerstones in Tan - Community Services
One of the Four Cornerstones in light tan - Thriving Economy

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Additional Master Plans

The Town also holds Master Plans for the following departments: