Pilates Reformer

Women Doing PilatesThe Town of Castle Rock Recreation Center now offers Pilates Reformer training in individual and buddy sessions.

The Pilates Reformer is a specialized piece of exercise equipment designed to provide users finely tuned exercise resistance. This allows users to very precisely develop good alignment, core strength and flexibility.

Fees and options

Individual Reformer Training

Private Reformer Training is one-on-one instruction that can help you achieve your goals regardless of your age or fitness level. Trainers will assess your alignment and posture to design a workout specifically for you. Ages 16 and up.

Number of SessionsStandard RateResident RatePrice per session
$67 ($60 resident)
$190$175$63.30 ($58.30 resident)
Six$370$340$61.60 resident)
Ten$570$520$57 ($52 resident)

Buddy Reformer Training

Buddy training allows you and a friend to work together toward your fitness goals. This one-hour session will be tailored to your specific goals. Ages 16 and up.

$45 ($40 resident) per person for groups of two to three people.

More information

For more information visit the Personal Training section of our Recreation website.