Special Operations

Commander Mark Galvan oversees the Special Operations Division and is responsible for a variety of specialized units, projects and events such as our animal control, community policing, traffic, school officers, volunteers in policing, and special events.

Animal Control Unit

This unit is comprised of two full-time animal control officers who are responsible for animal licensing, animals at large, dangerous animals, returning lost animals to their owners, barking dogs, investigating dog bites and animal cruelty. 

Learn more about this unit:

Animal licensing
Barking dogs
Report a barking dog nuisance

Bike Unit

The Bike Unit operates May through August of each year patrolling our trails, parks, schools, neighborhoods, retail centers and many Town events.

Community Partnership Unit (CPU)

The Community Partnership Unit addresses community issues and works in several programs including the Crime Free Multi-Housing program and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) program. Both proactive programs assist in reducing crimes within our community. Our CPU officers utilize problem-solving methods to address a variety of community issues: homeowners associations, downtown parking, community events, graffiti and school-related concerns.

Art Around the Rock

This project is a great tool assisting in the prevention of graffiti within the Town. Many of these murals can be found along the East Plum Creek Trail. The idea is part law enforcement science and part creativity. Police officers, planners, architects and the community work together on this project. By creating something that positively impacts human behavior - such as painting murals on bridges - crime can be deterred.

Ideas for mural artwork go through an approval process. The program not only needs artists but also supplies and volunteers. Individuals or groups interested in helping with Art Around the Rock may contact Officer Morrissey, 303-663-6159, or by email.

Community Safety Volunteers (CSV)

The Community Safety Volunteer program is community policing in its most basic form. It is a structured way for residents to participate in helping provide for the safety and security of their own community. Volunteers support the major activities of the Police Department, such as patrol, traffic and community policing, and activities where their unique expertise and / or life experience will be of benefit. 

The program has three broad goals:

  • Community relations
  • Neighborhood patrol
  • Officer support and assistance

Find out more about the CSV program. Or, contact us at 303-663-6404 and via email

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Officers in Schools

The department provides three full-time school resource officer (SRO) dedicated to Castle View High School, Castle Rock Middle School and Mesa Middle School.

The School Marshal program is a partnership among the police departments of Douglas County, the Douglas County Sheriff’s office and the Douglas County School District. This program provides two school marshal officers (SMO) for our elementary and charter schools. 

Special events

The Town holds special events throughout the year. The Special Operations Division works with other personnel and is responsible for staffing the appropriate police personnel for all events - Town sponsored as well as outside vendors. 

Traffic Unit

Castle Rock promotes traffic safety by requiring a number of specifically trained officers to be dedicated in collision investigation, enforcement of state and municipal traffic laws, speed enforcement, and drunken driving recognition.  

The Traffic Unit operates under the Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) model, which integrates location-based crime and traffic data to establish effective methods for deploying law enforcement and other resources. Using geo-mapping to identify areas having high incidences of crime and crashes, DDACTS directs traffic enforcement strategies that play a dual role in fighting crime and reducing crashes and traffic violations.

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