Commander Tim Gorman oversees the Investigations Division, which investigates all crimes, including misdemeanors not cleared by the Patrol Division and all felonies. The division is responsible for a number of specialized units.

Crime Analysis UnitCrime analyst working at her desk

Our crime analyst works alongside officers, detectives and the Douglas County Impact Team to analyze data from records and calls for service. The data is analyzed daily to define trends and patterns. The analyst creates spatial and temporal analytics (time and location), trend reports, deployments, forecasts, predictions, and more. The analyst coordinates our agency’s crime data not only with Douglas County agencies but throughout the Denver Metro area and Front Range. These products are generated for our officers’ and detectives’ use to help solve and prevent crimes.

Detective Unit

This unit has an authorized strength of seven - one sergeant and six detectives. Detective processing vehicle for evidenceThe unit investigates all crimes, including all misdemeanors not cleared by the Patrol Division and all felonies. The detectives are considered general assignment detectives capable of investigating all crimes; however, specific detectives specialize in the investigation of:

  • Organized retail crimes
  • Special victims’ crimes
  • At-risk adult crimes

Impact Unit

Castle Rock Police Department participates in this multi-jurisdictional team, which consists of detectives from Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Parker police departments as well as the Douglas County Sheriff’s office. The unit focuses on criminal offenses, behaviors and street level narcotic trafficking based on repeated patterns and methods. The Investigations Division reassigned one detective to this team.

Property and Evidence Unit

Following Department guidelines, our property and evidence technician works alongside a detective and volunteer staff to log, store, secure and release all evidence and other property received. 

The technician also assists in officer training regarding proper collection and the packaging of evidence. During major crime scenes, the technician assists in transporting and logging the numerous pieces of evidence.

Victims Assistance UnitVictim Assistance volunteer icon

The Victim Assistance (VA) Unit works alongside crime victims with fairness, dignity and respect during a traumatic time or having experienced tragic events. The unit ascertains that the rights of all victims have been afforded to them through the Colorado Constitution Victims’ Rights Act, C.R.S. 24-4.1-302. Our job is to provide victims and witnesses of criminal offenses with the support and aid necessary to mentally and physically adjust to their victimization. Other duties include providing referral information and making outreach contact. Victim advocates are the liaison between the criminal justice system and the victim. All of the services are developed to competently serve victims of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. 

The Victims Assistance Unit currently consists of a victim assistance coordinator and a victim advocate. The unit also utilizes victim assistance volunteers from within our community. 

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Other areas of responsibilityDrug Take Back flyer

  • Drug Take Back program - a container is located in the police department’s lobby (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. excluding holidays). The container accepts prescription or over the counter medication that is no longer needed.
  • Investigations Volunteer program - for more information, call 303.663.6100.