Open records

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)

The Colorado Open Records Act statute gives citizens broad access to government records. As a municipality in Colorado, the Town of Castle Rock is subject to CORA laws. Specific exceptions set forth in this act do exist. For that reason, the law authorizes and requires that some types of records remain confidential or privileged and may be withheld or redacted.

Public records that are available for request or inspection under the Colorado Open Records Act must be requested by the completion of the Town public record request form. The law is applicable to providing public records or documents already in existence. The Town is not obligated to create a new record in response to a records request nor obligated to answer questions. The Town is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA) as this applies to federal government records.

The Town of Castle Rock Open Records Request Policy (PDF) addresses additional questions you may have related to the process.  

Town Clerk is the official custodian of Town records

As the official custodian, the Town Clerk is responsible for maintaining all historical, administrative, operational and legal documents for the Town. As the records custodian, the intent is the protection of the integrity of the record and to hold the record in trust for all citizens with full disclosure and transparency. Additionally, the custodian has an obligation to provide prompt and equitable service to those requesting access to public records. 

Who needs to complete a CORA request?

If you are seeking records related to permits, certificates of occupancy, building or fire code violations, site plans, ILC’s or environmental assessments reporting, a public records request form is required.

How to request a record

To request records, please complete and submit the Public Records Request Form and email your request to the Town Clerk. The Clerk’s office is the facilitator for public records requests and coordinates responses from multiple departments within the Town. Requests must be specific to documents requested as well as the dates covered by the request. Requests that are broad in scope or general in nature may result in a delay.  

Record requests are normally completed within three business days, beginning the first business day after the request was received. This initial three-day period may be extended by an additional seven business days in extenuating circumstances. Public record requests are completed electronically unless otherwise determined.

Open bid opportunities and RFPs

The Town of Castle Rock has partnered with BidNet as part of the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System to post open solicitations and bid opportunities. Vendor registration allows open access to current bids and opportunities in addition to RFPs, RFQs and posted addendums. Public record requests for documents posted on BidNet will be directed to the BidNet website in satisfaction of the request. The Town cannot be held responsible for incorrect information, nor can it attest to the accuracy of information found on Non-BidNet, third-party websites. Always refer to BidNet for accurate, complete and current bid information.

Applicable fees effective July 1, 2019

Fees for research and retrieval will be imposed after the first hour of staff time has been expended. If your request is estimated to exceed this initial first ’free’ hour, you will be contacted by the Clerk’s office and advised of anticipated fees for your authorization to continue research and retrieval, or to close the records request. 

To continue processing the records request, an hourly fee of $33.58 per hour (per CRS 24-72-205 (6)(b)) will be incurred. A deposit is required to be paid in advance. Fees are estimated, if estimate exceeds actual costs, balance will be refunded. If time required exceeds the estimate, additional fees will be applicable and payable prior to the release of records.

Additional Town records and information

Access Town documents and information from our Transparency Portal.